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The cornerstone of the company was laid back in the early 1970s and renamed as a GmbH in the 1980s in Duisburg, Germany.

Its founder Mario Ricci specialized in a wide range of sectors and services such as mechanical engineering, pneumatic, field installation, site assembled construction, maintenance and servicing in the larger industrial field and food&packaging sector and successfully achieved to set new benchmarks in these fields in over 30 years of expertise. This family business now run in second generation by his son still stick to the same principles and standards.

The hallmark of our young and dynamic company is constructive intelligence, a high standard of production and quality assurance and precision product craftsmanship.
From many years of experience we have gained considerable technical understanding and know-how which enables us to quickly and comprehensively assess the facts and our clients' needs.

A major focus of our core activities are tailor-made constructions based on our customers´ individual needs, which are pre-fabricated in our own plants as well as on local or international building site depending on customer needs, installation of hydraulic machinery and equipment as well as pipe work systems.

Our corporate philosophy is driven by the motivation of offering customers the best solutions to their unique needs. Their requirements drive our actions.
Our comprehensive portfolio and our longterm construction expertise combine to make us a proven partner for our customers in almost all industries.

Since many years Industrie-Hydraulik&Rohrleitungsbau GmbH M. Ricci has been thus a reliable, proven and competent partner for internationally well-known, leading companies in the field of piping and mechanical engineering.

Entire range of various activities – our competences:

  • piping of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • branch expertise
  • manufacturer know-how
  • highly skilled workforce

-Bending with a specifically constructed bending machine by companies´ founder – capability of bending various pipelines with measurements from Ø5 up to Ø219,1 diameter with wallthickness 1mm up to 45mm in 3D cold process up to 5D in cold process.

- welding technology according to latest EN-norms, trained WIG- and MAG welder with certified and constantly reviewed certificates.

- Maintenance and servicing of hydraulic aggregates, rebuilding and repair of existing pipelines, valves, various cylinders etc. in the foundry, rolling mill, automotive, paper mill, highly complex press field.

- Tank construction, steel industry and (heavy) mechanical engineering.

Flushing of complex hydraulic pipelines with own aggregats from 300 up to 1400l/min. for brandnew and existing installations according to electronical NAS/ ISO-Kl. DIN1638 rules

High quality demand: Invented method for preparing phosphatizable FE material workpieces pickling, rinsing, drying treatment on an ecological basis and approach.

Conventional inhouse turnery

Provision of temporary staffing, so called “German Labour Leasing - AÜG” of skilled staff and experts with long-term branch expertise as well as additional need of material, specific equipment and welding machines can be satisfied on demand.
Our employees have extensive experience and understand the meaning of professionalism. We are commited to the highest standards of quality.

FGMA §19 I

Provision of pipelines and piping material such as

  • Bends, couplings, fittings and specific reductions
  • V-flangs, SAE flangs as well as specific items
  • Clamps in PP, PA or aluminium version
  • Butterfly valve and compensators
  • Couplings heavy duty range (S) and light gauge (L)
  • Stop-cock (BKH) heavy duty range (S) and light gauge (L)
  • Valves and pumps
  • Maintenance and set-up of bubble storage

For any further queries please contact us anytime at
Phone: 0049 / 203 / 58 05 28

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